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16 November Current Affairs In English

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Published: November 16, 2019

16 november Current affairs in english

16 november Current affairs in english

16 November Current Affairs 2019
Information related to the daily news is summarized. Today information related to Indian cricketer Ajinkya Rahane and Supreme Court has been summarized.

Ajinkya Rahane became India's 16th hitter completing 4000 runs in Test cricket

Indian cricketer Ajinkya Rahane gave a great performance in the first Test match against Bangladesh in Indore on November 15, 2019. During this time Ajinkya Rahane completed four thousand races in Test cricket. He became India's 16th hitter achieving this feat. He became the victim of Abu Zayed by scoring 86 runs in this match.

Ajinkya Rahane has scored 4061 runs in 104 innings of the 62nd Test at an average of 43.66. Ajinkya Rahane became the fourth slowest Indian batsman to reach this milestone. Earlier, Sourav Ganguly and VVS Laxman also entered the group in 104–104 entries. The slowest Kapil Dev is an Indian batsman who completed 4000 Tests. He completed this feat in 138 entries.

Center for preparation of air purification tower in Delhi: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court held a hearing on pollution in Delhi on 15 November 2019. The court ordered the central government to prepare a road map to install 'air purification towers' at various locations in Delhi to deal with the surge. Pollution difficulties

The court also summoned the chief secretaries of Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi to get information about the steps taken to curb air pollution in Delhi-NCR. The court stated that to control air pollution, Aud-Even cannot be the only solution.

Mayank Agarwal became the second Indian to complete a double century with a six.

India's starter Mayank Agarwal reached his second double century against Bangladesh on the second day of the first Test. Mayank Agarwal became the second Indian cricketer after Rohit Sharma to complete a double century with a six in the Test. He scored 243 runs in 330 balls with the help of 28 fours and 08 sixes.

Manak Aggarwal is the second Indian starter to have achieved more than 200 in Test cricket in a single day. Virender Sehwag has done this feat three times before him. He is the first Indian cricketer to hit eight sixes in a Test innings. No Indian cricketer had hit so many sixes in a Test innings before him.

India will contribute $ 1.35 million to United Nations development work next year

India has promised to contribute $ 1.35 million in development work to be undertaken by the United Nations in 2020. India has always supported the development work done by the United Nations.

India will support the United Nations Assistance and Construction Agency for Palestinian Refugees for five million dollars. At the same time, India will support US $ 4.5 million for the United Nations Development Program. About 16 countries have announced financial support of 51 million to 6 million dollars in the UN General Assembly resolution for development work.

16 November Current Affairs 2019
Trace Bribery Risk Matrix 2019: Bangladesh Tops South Asia

Bangladesh's overall risk score in this index is 72, which is two points higher than the previous year. Bangladesh is ranked 178 in this list and India is ranked 78. Bangladesh has the highest capacity for bribery transactions in South Asia. This year a list of 200 countries has been published.

In South Asia, Bhutan has the lowest probability of bribery. Bhutan has been ranked 52nd in this list. New Zealand ranks first on this list and Somalia is ranked 200. The country which has been given the highest ranking in this list is the country most affected.

Gaganyaan Mission: 12 potential passengers selected for training in Russia

According to the Chief Marshal of the Indian Air Force, the astronauts are being selected professionally for ISRO's first manned mission, Gaganyaan. Twelve people of the Indian Air Force have been selected as potential passengers for the Gaganyaan project.

The first phase of the Indian Air Force personnel selection process for space travel has been completed. Gaganyaan is India's first manned space mission. About ten thousand crores will be spent under the Gaganyaan Mission.

Who is Jai Bolsonaro, known as the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations in India?

Prime Minister Modi invited Zaire Bolsonaro as the chief guest at the Republic Day celebrations. This invitation has been accepted by the President of Brazil. As per protocol, the chief guest post on Republic Day is considered India's greatest honor.

India's Foreign Ministry investigated various aspects of the chief guest as to which country would be called. The Bolsonaro government recently abolished the visa requirement for Indians to visit Brazil.

Climate change can seriously affect health in India: Lancet report

According to The Lancet report, not limiting emissions will cause infectious diseases. This will make the situation of air pollution more serious and the problem of malnutrition will also become serious.

According to the report, if there is no change in the emission of greenhouse gases by 2090, the temperature of our land will increase by 04 ° C. Rising temperatures will cause many problems. Incidents of wildfires also increase continuously due to increase in temperature.

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